In switching to a new CMS…

… should the blog posts on the former site get transferred over to the new blog or should the new blog start with a clean slate?



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Why no 1031 posting…

I’ve got 3 reasons why I have not been posting for several weeks, and not of them are individually sufficient, but combined they make sense to me.

1.  Ever since 1031 Exchange Coordinators decided to change up our CMS, there has been talk of wiping clean all of the posts from this blog and start afresh on our new site’s blog. As those talks have been circulating, the motivation to write has been absolutely sucked from me. Wish I had it in me, but it’s all been sucked out.

2. Right around the time these discussions began I hit a spate of huge projects to complete. With no desire to post or follow much of the blogging world I have come to love, I threw myself into the projects and have gotten some fairly decent results.

As an aside, I don’t think I ever realized just how much time blogging took in my life. Not that it was really time poorly spent by any stretch of the imagination, but time spent nonetheless.

3. About three weeks ago my wife Melanie, 2 year old son Payton, and I went on Fulll-Time Baby Alert. Melanie was due just two days ago, March 12, but our doctor was not liking how our son-to-be was growing. Over the last 4 weeks we had weekly non-stress tests to check the baby’s movement as well as weekly ultrasounds checking Melanie’s amniotic fluid levels. the doctor worried that there wasn’t enough fluid, which could lead to the umbilical cord getting pinched and not give the proper nutrients to our son. We were shocked to find that everything we did – every activity, every car ride, every planned future activity, simply everything – was done with the thought that the baby may need to be induced at a moment’s notice. We were stressed to the max to get everything we possibly could before the baby was born and total space cadets as to things around us.

When we did another non-stress test last Tuesday afternoon, March 4th, the doctor, decided to induce Melanie right away. Gratefully, Carson Alan Hallberg was born without complications on Tuesday, March 4th at 8:33pm. He weighed in at 6 lbs., 7 oz. and 18″ long. He ad Melanie have been thriving since the labor and birth. His parents, on the other hand, are struggling to get enough sleep and to give him and his big brother enough attention.

So, while each of my individual reasons for not posting may amount to good reasons to be so late with a post, together they make sense to me. Look for continued posts until a final decision is made as to whether to transfer over my posts on this blog to our new site.


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1031 Exchange Coordinators chooses Drupal for…

its open source Content Management System.

Drupal image

I knew you all were wondering and waiting with baited breath ever since I solicited opinions on Friday’s Link it up! for your likes and dislikes of the different plans we were looking at. I had a say in the matter somewhat, but I think what got our consultant and owner to agree on most was the low cost for a great service that just came out with a new version not long ago. Also, Drupal just revamped Fast Company‘s site and blogs, which speaks volumes about the company.

So, in the next weeks we will be transferring over everything from our old site to the new one as well as this blog to our new blog, which will be hosted in conjunction with the website. As such, I may be a little more incommunicado, but still checking on things often.

Any tips and tricks you may have found with using Drupal would be appreciated.


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Link it up! Open Source Edition

As we work to get our website 2.o‘ed, we are in the process of determining what Open Source Content Management System (CMS) to use. We want a CMS that will interface with our SalesNet Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). We may be willing to move over to a Sales Force CRM if necessary. Also, we want to be able to have all of our calls-to-action that are based on Seth‘s Permission Marketing to easily transfer into our CRM lead files. As well, we want to be known as the most user-friendly experience of any 1031 Exchange website. We want people that find us to stay because of the great experience they’re having. Yes, I recognize a lot of that has to do with quality content. But, if the eye doesn’t like what it sees, it won’t stay long (as you all know very well). So, those are our basic desires from the CMS.

So, do we stay with WordPress or go with Typepad, Drupal, Joomla, etc.? Who do you use? Why do you like them? What back-end CRM are you using and how well do your CMS and CRM co-exist?


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Love is in the air…doo-be doo-be doo

A Hap Happ Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone in the! Tell me, how is your Valentine’s Day different than any other day in your work? Do you get husbands that are wanting to give their wives keys for Valentine’s Day? Do all phone calls slow down to a trickle? Is it business as usual?

Here at 1031 Exchange Coordinators things stay the same for the most part. Of course more flowers come in the office from the various hubbies of our staff. Beyond that, we have yet to experience anything drastic. I’ll let you know of anything special by the end of the day.

You may be interested in giving clients or other realtors a real estate themed eCard. Check it out at Real Estate eCards.


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Does Hanan make you feel less secure about the future?

From all the comments to Hanan’s recent post about weathering the RE downturn over at grow-a-brain, it got me thinking about how secure people feel when facilitating a 1031 exchange. 1031 Exchange Coordinators (our firm) has put out a list of questions you should ask your potential future Qualified Interemediary before you start working with them.

They are: 

  1. Do you have a current Fidelity Bond?
  2. What is you investment policy?
  3. Where do you keep trust funds?

I’ll let you look at our answers for the sake of brevity in this post.

With the Qualified Intermediaries (QI) holding your client’s money for up to 6 months in their trust account, you have to make sure you can trust your QI. In the last year or two there have been a spate of QIs that have skipped town with their clients’ monies and now the clients can’t get it back because they never checked for the QI’s E&O Policy or Fidelity Bond. You gotta check them people or you may be liable!!!

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Spokeo really…

scares the bejesus out of me! They seem to have their privacy issue backwards. They are allowing you to see information of your contacts from email groups, but they can’t see that you saw them. Can you say ‘high stalker-ability’?!


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