Rain City Guide

In getting this blog off the ground, I have been really scouring the web for helps in real estate blogging. Mostly I’ve been looking for real estate blogs that write great content and get a ton of epople to read this content. For the Seattle area the best site I’ve been able to find is the Rain City Guide. These guys really know how to drive traffic from great content. Plus, they all seem like really cool people.

Probably the best “Intro to Blogging for Realtors and Investors” piece I found was by Dustin Luther, one of Rain City Guide’s main contributors. Here it is. Every site I’ve looked on said you have to link to others and write something nice to get linked on by others. It sounds intuitive, but for whatever reason it has also been kind of scary for me to start linking to other people. Maybe I’m just worried my first load of content is just dribble and won’t be read by anyone except for me. That may well be true, but I think that by following the advice of those getting tons of traffic like Rain City Guide, I’ll be on the right course for future readership.

With four links now to this blog’s name, I think I’ll make it five just for fun. (I think I’m supposed to be a Mariners fan because our firm is based in the Seattle area and my wife and all of her family are from Seattle. But, even with the awful last month of play, I’m a huge fan of these guys!)



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  1. A fellow dodger fan… uh oh… That’s dangerous for Seattle bloggers! 🙂 Thanks for all the kind words!

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