UPDATE to ‘Why I will Never Understand Google’s PageRank’

As an update to Friday’s post about not understanding PageRank, after only 5 posts in the last 2 or 3 weeks, 1 link referring the blog (my own Active Rain account), and 33 views of the site, somehow Google has put this site on the second page when I did a keyword search of “1031 exchange blog”.

1: Our blog is the second from the bottom in the picture

This tells me one of two things: (1) There really is not much on the web that connects with the keywords “1031 exchange blog”; or (2) Google’s bots and algorithms are beyond comprehension! I have a feeling the latter reasoning is the more probable reasoning.

Onward and upward in the PageRanking to you all!



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One response to “UPDATE to ‘Why I will Never Understand Google’s PageRank’

  1. We’re well on our way! For the last week or so 1031 Like-Kind Exchange Blog has been sitting on the front page at #4 under keywords “1031 exchange blog”.

    Of course there’s lots to be done to really move up in the minds of readers. Let me know how I can make the blog more useful for you. I have been going rounds with WordPress to fix my Akismet comment blocker. I’ve had over 20 comments come in during the last week and a half and Akismet has blocked every one without allowing me to verify their spamminess. So, sorry if you gave a great comment and it hasn’t shown up yet. I swear I’m not trying to block you.(Let me know if you have an answer to my dilemma…) Best, Chad

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