Website Grader and Real Estate Blogs

I got a great little dose of website reality this morning…I am way way way down the charts of real estate blogs (The 1031 Like-Kind Real Estate Blog is #8,911,336 on Technorati and not yet seen on Alexa). I of course knew this already being that the blog is so new, but seeing the reality was harsh.

Where, you ask, did I find out how far down the charts the blog is? Website Grader, one of PC Magazine’s Top 100 Undiscovered Websites, of course. This site is sweet! You can get a free report telling you exactly where your site is and is not found, how many incoming links you have, how many pages Google has indexed of your blog, and essentially how good your blog is compared with all the other blogs and sites it has generated reports for.

Harsh as it was to receive the new revelation of this blog being in the basement, it has already been very informative. I know the bookmarking sites I need to get linked to (, digg, etc.), what keywords to focus on, and how the Google bots look at my site (my meta-tags are atrocious in case you haven’t noticed).

I also realized I need to continue to focus on actively participating on other good real estate blogs like Rain City Guide, Sellsius, and Inman News (along with the other tens and hundreds of high-quality blogs) to be a contributing member to the quality real estate blog world.

Knowing this new information, I am excitedly trying to ramp up The 1031 Like-Kind Real Estate Blog. Any suggestions you have or posts you think we should all be looking at would be greatly appreciated.

  • Chad


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3 responses to “Website Grader and Real Estate Blogs

  1. Hey Chad

    Welcome you the real estate blog community. Keep providing useful information and stick it out and 1031 Like Kind Exchange Blog will be on the charts too. Hey, we all started the same way.
    You are always welcome to contribute any original post to the Sellsius blog (with a link back to yours) and we will do what we can to get your name out there. I added you to our blog roll.

    Have you joined MyBlog Log? It’s a great blog networking community.

    All the best,

  2. Thanks for pump up Joe. I actually did join MyBlogLog as chadhallberg. I look forward to taking you up on getting a post or two together for Sellsius. Thanks!

  3. Hi Chad, Don’t worry, the important thing is you’re getting started. In time you’ll learn more about the internet stuff, there’s a lot of it. For starters, you could put a widget for MyBlogLog on your site, people love to see evidence they’ve been there, and other people can click on your avatar when you visit another blog. If you have anybody interested in SoCal for an exchange, let me know! I’ll do the same if I have someone for your area!

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