Thanksgiving Gratitude

As I was preparing the final installment of the 7 Keys to Success in 1031 Exchanges Series this morning, I received an email from a family member about Thanksgiving and gratitude we need to show for those keeping us free. It struck a chord with me and so I want to share my gratitude for all I have.

I am grateful to live in a land where I can freely go where I want to go, say what I want to say, live how I want to live, and believe what I want to believe. My life has been blessed by the freedoms we cherish and hold sacrosanct in America. Our freedom is not free. Many have sacrificed and paid the ultimate price for me and you personally. For this I am grateful.

I am also grateful to have a family to spend time with at Thansgiving. Family is where it’s at. Without my family and the influence they have on me, I would not be anywhere close to the person I am today.

We all think more of family and our gratitude at this time of year, and I simply wanted to share mine. May you share your gratitude with those you are with this Thanksgiving weekend.

Gobble Gobble,


* Here’s the link that set me going on gratitude. A great tribute to those that serve by eclectic artist Michael Israel.


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