Gotta give link love where link love is given! Last night I jumped onto the blog and bugged out when I saw that within the first four hours of the day switching over (dang WordPress Greenwich Mean Time!), I already had more hits than most 24 hour periods. I couldn’t believe it! In seeing where people were coming from, I see tons of hits from grow-a-brain and I start getting psyched. I jump over to where they’re coming from, and lo and behold, Hanan Levin found 1031 Like-Kind Exchange Blog! It was like Christmas had come early for this little blogger!

I would just like to personally thank Hanan for the link love. He has no idea what it means to be deemed worth it to get a major link like this. (He probably has some idea what it means to us little guys, but it’s just too cliche not to say that he has no idea.)

Thanks Hanan! I’m doing my best not to disappoint those you’re sending over to me…and it’s spawned a new idea that I hope will have some traction (check it out in about 20 minutes when I post it!)



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7 responses to “Grow-a-Brain

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  2. Yoohoo…. Thanks to you too…

  3. It seems you are showing up all over the web…so far I’ve seen your site linked on about ten other websites. This is my first visit (as a result of another link). Great job…you must be doing lots of the right stuff.


  4. I can’t find the right sites to link to for my site When I look up sites to link with they are either link farms or crazy webrings that have “anorexia is good” type of sites. I need some help!

  5. Kevin, you may check out if you’re looking for some ways to share links. Overall though, creating quality content and linking to other sites through your blog posts or blogroll will get others to link back to you. Organic growth is hands-down the best way to grow your blog.

    Best of luck to you!

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