Reverse 1031 Exchanges 101 Updated

I just updated the Reverse 1031 Exchanges 101post from last week. The post now has a more complete picture of what an investor / exchanger is getting into when he or she looks into doing a reverse 1031 exchange.  As reverse 1031 exchanges can be burdensome to conceptualize and effectuate, post a comment, shoot me an email (chad at 1031eci dot com) or give us a call (425.644.1031) and we can discuss more in-depth if you have a specific question.



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2 responses to “Reverse 1031 Exchanges 101 Updated

  1. Insight into these kinds of transactions is always helpful. Being knowledgeable and motivated are key to surviving in today’s more difficult market conditions. Don’t you agree that putting both of these halves together is the ingredients of success??

  2. Knowledge + Motivation = Success … definitely! I also think that Motivation + Desire to gain greater knowledge = Continued Success. Who was it that said, “If you’re not getting better, then you’re inherently getting passed up?” (Like the butchered quote of an unknown author?)

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