And we’re back…

So, we are back in business for 2008.

After a near month long hiatus, the 1031 Like-Kind Exchange Blog is officially back in business, primed and ready to go in 2008! From the non-reality of holiday shopping, old family movies, more holiday shopping, tons of food, “taking stuff back” shopping, more food (of the chocolate variety), and no work, I have been excited to get back to the real life day-to-day happenings. Although, while I can play golf any day of the year, there really was nothing like playing 9 holes of four-man best ball at 9am on New Year’s day with frigid temperatures and a howling wind. I struggle enough with good weather. Let’s just say that I felt fortunate that my ball was almost picked once as the best ball on one of our shots.
Three things of note from the break and for 2008:

1. In the coming months our website is getting a major overhaul to have tons more “Calls to Action” and interactivity. As such, we will also finally get this blog going on its own theme and off the freebie version of WP. Any suggestions for our overhaul, or links to great sites for help (I already scour the Tomato often) would be appreciated.

2. In talking with Richard, we are going to be adding on another contributor to the blog from our crack staff. Eric Brown will begin putting in his two bits here and there. Eric’s got a sharp brain, sharp wit, and an ability to talk about 1031 exchanges on all sorts of levels of sophistication.

3. I was notified today that we’re getting picked up by Anyone know who runs this site? Is it just a Google feeder site that’s not being actively hosted?

Good to see that everyone had a great time at Inman Connect NYC 2008. Rudy and Joe and the RealEstateZebra had some great footage. I’m begging our powers that be to go to SF in July. (BTW, is SF Connect attended by as many people as NYC Connect?)



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6 responses to “And we’re back…

  1. I didn’t make it to NY for Inman Connect, but I have been watching the video at Inman News. They continue to give me new ideas for my blog, and also convince me that blogging is the next way I can create a new revenue stream.
    I will be watching your site with great interest to see the changes you talk about.

  2. Thanks Fran. Blogging EFFECTIVELY will help immensely.

  3. We’d love to be of help taking this site to the next level.
    Drop us a line!

  4. Thanks Jim. I’ll have to keep that in mind.

  5. Blog

    Would love to help you in any way we can Chad. Just drop me a note at jf.sellsius [at]
    or give me a call at 646-714-2720

  6. Thanks Joe. We’re rolling out our new look before long and so we might need some help.

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