Link it Up! Super Bowl Special

Super Bowl XLII Real Estate Bloggers' Picks

May I present your Super Bowl XLII predictions from the real estate blogs of the three cities most intimately involved with this Sunday’s Super Bowl between the record chasing New England Patriots and the New York Giants (Jersey A): Boston, New York City, and Phoenix (host city).


“Sir”, as Bostonians are likely to call him, doesn’t want anybody making predictions about the game so as not to jinx the team. But, man alive, I didn’t think he’d go so far as silence the real estate blogs.
So, Boston’s got nothing to show for themselves. As such, I’ll take the burden upon myself and make new England’s pick for them. Since I figure they want to finish off their stellar run in fashion so, for the first known and official Boston Real Estate Blog prediction for Super Bowl XLII, I say the Patriots win 42-17. On to the New Yorkers’ take on the game.

New York

New York bloggers have to represent better than New Englanders. Ton Coughlin could barely keep his job before this year, let alone silence the blogosphere. Here’s what we find…

  • Curbed’s got nothing.
  • Sellsius was a bust too. Joe must have been thinking about the departure of Rudy to Trulia too much to even think about Sunday’s game. (h/t to Agent Genius). BTW, Joe said he may be looking for a Rudy replacement over at Sellsius; can I get on based solely on the fact that Rudy is my favorite movie of all time?
  • Nothing from Noah at UrbanDigs also. Does Tom Coughlin really hold as much sway as Bill Belichick?
  • Brownstoner was a bust too.
  • Inman also pulled up bupkus.

I guess I’ll have to post the first official real estate blogger’s Super Bowl pick for New York too. Unless Tom Coughlin’s face has continued to worsen, I see the Giants putting up a great fight with the Patriots and winning 23-17, just like Plax called it (see above and all 2008 presidential candidates’ websites about flip-flopping).

So, with the picks in by everyone not from New England, New York, or Phoenix, it looks like one thing is certain ……………. everyone else in the real estate blogosphere is more into their work than into the Super Bowl (unlike me).

And with that, a great, safe, and Patriots-winning Super Bowl weekend to all!



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9 responses to “Link it Up! Super Bowl Special

  1. “Phoenix who cares”??

    I care!

    This town may be more Superbowl crazed than NYC and Boston together. It’s insane. I made a prediction back on Jan 19.


    Maybe next year….

  3. Why doesn’t NCAA have a Super Bowl? Hook ‘Em Horns!!!

    Oh, and I’ll bet on the Patriots because I don’t care about either team (or NFL) but Brady’s cute, fake cast and all! 🙂

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  5. The truth is I hardly follow football at all. Apparrently the Patriots are some kind of dynasty team and I had no clue.

    Football just seems like rugby for kids with asthma to me.

  6. Rudy – The J-E-T-S have more work to do to get to the SB than most any other team. Good Luck!

    Lani – Even if you like ’em because of their QT/QB, I’m with you! Go Pats Go!

    Athol – I can’t believe you don’t follow sports with
    ESPN in your backyard. If I could somehow fanagle my way into that company I would be able to die a happy man.

  7. Jay – Sorry I missed your pick.

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  9. 1031 exchange is a great thing to help grow as landlord.

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