1031 Exchange Coordinators chooses Drupal for…

its open source Content Management System.

Drupal image

I knew you all were wondering and waiting with baited breath ever since I solicited opinions on Friday’s Link it up! for your likes and dislikes of the different plans we were looking at. I had a say in the matter somewhat, but I think what got our consultant and owner to agree on most was the low cost for a great service that just came out with a new version not long ago. Also, Drupal just revamped Fast Company‘s site and blogs, which speaks volumes about the company.

So, in the next weeks we will be transferring over everything from our old site to the new one as well as this blog to our new blog, which will be hosted in conjunction with the website. As such, I may be a little more incommunicado, but still checking on things often.

Any tips and tricks you may have found with using Drupal would be appreciated.



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6 responses to “1031 Exchange Coordinators chooses Drupal for…

  1. For community sites, I found this:

    Also, drupal.org has a lot of reference information and walkthroughs to get started. Go with version 6 to get started, and read the docs that come with it. They’ll help more than people usually think.

  2. Thanks Dave! This is all good stuff.

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  4. There is a learning curve, but you’ll love Drupal. I haven’t run into to many real estate sites using it, but there are some out there besides ours.

  5. Thanks for sharing Dave!

  6. I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

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