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Link it up! Open Source Edition

As we work to get our website 2.o‘ed, we are in the process of determining what Open Source Content Management System (CMS) to use. We want a CMS that will interface with our SalesNet Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). We may be willing to move over to a Sales Force CRM if necessary. Also, we want to be able to have all of our calls-to-action that are based on Seth‘s Permission Marketing to easily transfer into our CRM lead files. As well, we want to be known as the most user-friendly experience of any 1031 Exchange website. We want people that find us to stay because of the great experience they’re having. Yes, I recognize a lot of that has to do with quality content. But, if the eye doesn’t like what it sees, it won’t stay long (as you all know very well). So, those are our basic desires from the CMS.

So, do we stay with WordPress or go with Typepad, Drupal, Joomla, etc.? Who do you use? Why do you like them? What back-end CRM are you using and how well do your CMS and CRM co-exist?



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Link it up! A day late for good reason

This week wasn’t the hottest of weeks on the, so until I found Lani‘s Social Media Marketing post on Agent Genius, which was an add-on to DoshDosh‘s Social Media Marketing post, I didn’t really have much I wanted to post on. Lani and DoshDosh’s posts though helped reinvigorate my Social Media senses.

Oh yeah, I also liked Jeff Corbett‘s Microblogging bit (if you couldn’t tell from my last post).


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Link it Up! Super Bowl Special

Super Bowl XLII Real Estate Bloggers' Picks

May I present your Super Bowl XLII predictions from the real estate blogs of the three cities most intimately involved with this Sunday’s Super Bowl between the record chasing New England Patriots and the New York Giants (Jersey A): Boston, New York City, and Phoenix (host city).


“Sir”, as Bostonians are likely to call him, doesn’t want anybody making predictions about the game so as not to jinx the team. But, man alive, I didn’t think he’d go so far as silence the real estate blogs.
So, Boston’s got nothing to show for themselves. As such, I’ll take the burden upon myself and make new England’s pick for them. Since I figure they want to finish off their stellar run in fashion so, for the first known and official Boston Real Estate Blog prediction for Super Bowl XLII, I say the Patriots win 42-17. On to the New Yorkers’ take on the game.

New York

New York bloggers have to represent better than New Englanders. Ton Coughlin could barely keep his job before this year, let alone silence the blogosphere. Here’s what we find…

  • Curbed’s got nothing.
  • Sellsius was a bust too. Joe must have been thinking about the departure of Rudy to Trulia too much to even think about Sunday’s game. (h/t to Agent Genius). BTW, Joe said he may be looking for a Rudy replacement over at Sellsius; can I get on based solely on the fact that Rudy is my favorite movie of all time?
  • Nothing from Noah at UrbanDigs also. Does Tom Coughlin really hold as much sway as Bill Belichick?
  • Brownstoner was a bust too.
  • Inman also pulled up bupkus.

I guess I’ll have to post the first official real estate blogger’s Super Bowl pick for New York too. Unless Tom Coughlin’s face has continued to worsen, I see the Giants putting up a great fight with the Patriots and winning 23-17, just like Plax called it (see above and all 2008 presidential candidates’ websites about flip-flopping).

So, with the picks in by everyone not from New England, New York, or Phoenix, it looks like one thing is certain ……………. everyone else in the real estate blogosphere is more into their work than into the Super Bowl (unlike me).

And with that, a great, safe, and Patriots-winning Super Bowl weekend to all!


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December 14, 2007 Link it up!

This week’s links live and unadulterated…


Send us your links and have a great week! Don’t get too busy to forget that Christmas is all around…enjoy the wonderful time with family as you won’t ever get it back.


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Link it up!

I’m not sure about others, but I have obsessed over and thought up post ideas for my blog in the strangest of places. Today’s post place was in the shower before the morning haze had really gotten out of my brain.

I was thinking about grow-a-brain’s linking over to me last night and RCG’s linkation linkation linkation and Sellsius’ How We Rollwhen the thought came to me, “I need a cool name for a Blogroll page! Anything is cooler than ‘Blogroll’.” So, after scouring the blogosphere for literally seconds to make certain no one had taken my name, I have decided upon “Link it up!” It seemed catchy in my morning fog at 6:45am and I still think it can work.Now, to add to “Link it up!”, I have been inspired by two sources in the last several days: Dustin’s 4realz and Hanan’s grow-a-brain. I like the link-based blogging that simply piques interest and lets the reader choose their own adventure like in the books we all loved growing up (or still love). The twist that I have come up with is to kick each weekend off right with a weekly Friday Link it up! link-based post. I’ll save some of my favorite links from the week that caught my fancy and which I didn’t use in other posts, and then just go nuts in the Friday Link it up! post so you can see what I like and we can all live in a happy, link-happy world.Those are the parameters, and we’ll see where we go from there. Ideas are always welcomed through a comment or email (chad at 1031eci dot com). If you have a link that you think should be posted on Fridays let me know (shameless pushing of your own posts are certainly welcomed and not seen as shameless…not too much at least).And with that, let’s Link it up!

  • Good to see Facebook doing an about face with Beacon. Would all companies do this if they were run by 23 year olds who haven’t yet been tainted by years of bureaucracy and corporate politicking? Thanks to Paul Chaney for the link on Twitter!

  • Already posted about it once, but I’m a chump for fake music videos that make me laugh. Seriously, don’t we have enough stress in our lives! Thanks Kevin and 3Oceans.

  • Didn’t we all think at some point that HGTV should set out on its own and be its own broker? Nice find Marlow.

  • Potpourri: The Kamenetzky brothers came out with a great Andruw Jones to the Dodgers post on their LA Times Dodgers blog. THINK BLUE!

  • More to come at the next Link it up! when I have more than a day’s worth of mining for links to go on.

Send in your links and let’s Link it up!


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Gotta give link love where link love is given! Last night I jumped onto the blog and bugged out when I saw that within the first four hours of the day switching over (dang WordPress Greenwich Mean Time!), I already had more hits than most 24 hour periods. I couldn’t believe it! In seeing where people were coming from, I see tons of hits from grow-a-brain and I start getting psyched. I jump over to where they’re coming from, and lo and behold, Hanan Levin found 1031 Like-Kind Exchange Blog! It was like Christmas had come early for this little blogger!

I would just like to personally thank Hanan for the link love. He has no idea what it means to be deemed worth it to get a major link like this. (He probably has some idea what it means to us little guys, but it’s just too cliche not to say that he has no idea.)

Thanks Hanan! I’m doing my best not to disappoint those you’re sending over to me…and it’s spawned a new idea that I hope will have some traction (check it out in about 20 minutes when I post it!)


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