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Link it up! RE.net Open Source Edition

As we work to get our website 2.o‘ed, we are in the process of determining what Open Source Content Management System (CMS) to use. We want a CMS that will interface with our SalesNet Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). We may be willing to move over to a Sales Force CRM if necessary. Also, we want to be able to have all of our calls-to-action that are based on Seth‘s Permission Marketing to easily transfer into our CRM lead files. As well, we want to be known as the most user-friendly experience of any 1031 Exchange website. We want people that find us to stay because of the great experience they’re having. Yes, I recognize a lot of that has to do with quality content. But, if the eye doesn’t like what it sees, it won’t stay long (as you all know very well). So, those are our basic desires from the CMS.

So, do we stay with WordPress or go with Typepad, Drupal, Joomla, etc.? Who do you use? Why do you like them? What back-end CRM are you using and how well do your CMS and CRM co-exist?



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Squidoo and Life Beyond Code

I got on one of those link kicks today where after about 20 minutes I ended up at Guy Kawasaki’s great page and had no idea how I got there. I cannot, as the financial gurus would say, trace back my blog search thread. Either way, I’m glad I ended up where I did.

I found Rajeesh Setty’s blog with his ebook and Squidoo page. I had heard of Seth Godin tons of course and the name of Squidoo here and there but never gave it much credence until this afternoon. Rajeesh, a great blog promoter, made it sound like another mybloglog or Active Rain. In fact, it’s tons better! There’s so much you can do to move, change, and add upon without having to worry about downloading widgets or anything like that. Easy is the operative word!!!

So, in about five minutes time I set up my own Squiddo account here. Check it out for yourself to claim your spot on Squidoo if you haven’t already yet done so. I’m excited to play around with the site and get going on that front. I’ll keep you all updated with some stats as to the traffic Squidoo drives to my blog as that is my goal with having a Squiddo page.

Let me know if you have already set up a Squidoo page. Let us know where it is, how many hits you’re getting, and how satisfied you are with you Squidoo page in comparison to mybloglog and Active Rain.




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